articles of <strong>agate</strong>

Yemeni agate cutting over 7,000 years of history

Agate stone is tough degree of rigidity that 7/00 is a table Moh and the stone of jewelry that has a layer of water between the layers is a layer that is strong and not break it.
Important question: How tough a stone in the history of the country, thanks to the beauty of different forms such as beads, necklaces and beads have been carved, and because it is the power of art and the ability to Yemeni history.

Mine agate

Heat Treatment:

At this stage agate stone in a jar and then the jars with chalk sealed the jars for 2 weeks to 1 month in the furnace naturally heated charcoal justify heating up the agate as smoothly embedded water between the layers evaporate.


Step two, the final temperature:

At this stage agate 2 finger size (thickness) below the ash as being and were very small charcoal fried or fried on flat stones placed. Agate ash and then gives direct heat to the iron in the oxidized Fe = Feo2 Red Agate and water to be found and called.


Step 3 (Step reproduced or break the Yemeni agate):

At this stage, the different heads are old artist Yemen types of steel hammers like a crow, an ax head and beak break rocks and soils or other elements agate clean.


Step 4 (the CNC):

At this stage, agate stone masons carved the name of a mountain rock hard shape will be, And at this stage with rock artist pasted onto wood and stone, and takes on the coolant water.


Softening point (scratched up):

At this stage agate stone is worn on the granite rocks and all the scratches are on it. Shaving closes in on old photos and called the dealer, and agate selling the old lathe Yemen knows it.


Cutaneous late-phase or stone (polished):

At this stage, cast stones on a mountain in Yemen for the final gloss will be drawn and the coolant is water. It is interesting gloss agate high quality, modern equipment is better.