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Yemeni agate article

According to human beliefs and bless the first stone that is used for good luck and Blessing.For example, ship captains believed that everyone should have the stone in your ship does not sink the ship. (GIA)
But the religious beliefs of all religions is the order of rock.For example, the Bible and the Torah narratives, many of which are And according to my research before the advent of Islam in Yemen Jews, most skilled professionals in the field of jewelry have been.
But in Islam and Islamic traditions agate is more than 60 stories in which some of them are.
Prophet Mohammad said:
Agate on hand that will bless and good for the owner, or anyone in the agate from evil, and evil is preserved.
Agate and maintains blood (blood pressure and other diseases of the blood and is killed).
Agate is:
The question of Ali asked the Messenger of Mohammad and the Prophet replied saying: Agate is a mountain in Yemen.
Yemen in southern Arabia is located in a different climate and fertile land, well known in the history of Arab civilization and culture have had with the Arabs against the ignorance and desert dust.
Agate mountain and the ounce and the Ns Zmar in Yemen in 6500, which according to my research (Hmyr same time Khrman Solomon and Balqys) of drilling and milling have been making ornaments.