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GIA US Travel and Gia, The exhibition traveled to Tucson Arizona:

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The largest exhibition of jewelry and gold and Equipment in Tucson, Arizona, USA, is held every year in February.
This includes 30 different shows for 30 days, the most important shows Agta, GJX is.
GIA Mr. Hamed Ettehadi of 2010 AGTA members are, seminars and Jvahrtrashy Gemology at the exhibition, the most important of these seminars are GIA, The latest scientific phenomena and cutting machines and packages offered Tlasazy in this exhibition.
Mr. Hamed Ettehadi for 2 full months in Tucson, Arizona, attended and the city became a member of the club Jvahrtrashy and cutting angle.
GIA I hope all my friends and Gemology and Jewelry cutting and jewelry artists can achieve at least once in the expedition.
It is better to know the country has no competition, cheap and quality to compete with the US Trade Tucson.

Germany Travel to Germany and Switzerland:

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Department of Scientific Jewelry trip to Switzerland and rock shows in Berlin and in Germany, This is the second year that the number of graduates Jewelry and Gemology preparation for graduate training courses in Switzerland and Germany moved to Berlin to take part in craft fairs, Very enjoyable both scientifically and familiarity with the world's latest technology.
Germany The Swiss 10-day stay of Professor Hubert graduate courses in gem cutting and size of masonry and masonry benefited angle and 3 days in the Alps and the warm water therapy pool and Montero went old museum.
Craft fairs in Berlin, which has a history of over 50 years we have held that the company had a display booth and for the first time in Germany's smallest Quran carved agate from Yemen, was unveiled by Professor Hamed Ettehadi, Germany were astounded that the news of this amazing invention, and Euro News and IRNA news in the world was the night we had dinner the guests of the Embassy, where demand for the products of the permanent store opening.
GermanyAfter visiting the city and the oldest stone jewelry museum in Europe Aydaravbrashtayn we wonder who will be the members were grateful to God and all of the travel and tourism did.

ساخت کوچکترین قرآن دنیا Build the world's smallest Quran 30 component:

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For the first time in the world this verse of the Qur'an which includes 30 components and complete 6666 line Osman Taha on Yemeni agate stone was carved by nano technology.


ساخت کوچکترین قرآن دنیا The world's smallest gift Quran:

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Yemeni agate beads Quran is the world's smallest gift to the holy shrine of Imam Hussein and Imam Abbas.

The Quran is now preserved in the museum and shrine jewelry is on public display.

عقیق Smallest Quran agate stone for the first time in the world:

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Those who carry the Quran descended upon them and upon them hath the light cover garment.

شرف الشمس Writing about Sunflower Prayer:

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Sunflower close on 19 April and at their own prayers on Yemeni agate stone is written. Much of the narrative name Ali (AS) and the My Book Almsttr floor Misbah Sheikh Bahai tradition that includes 13 characters of the four letters and four letters of the Torah, the Bible and the Quran is five letters.
Properties near Sunflower:
The opening work, the evil fulfill the wish of the earthly and heavenly

هاله Photos and report aura and chakra to show you:

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Your aura color reflects your personality type and traits.Rock Energy Aura effect on your body and your meter.Understanding and activation of the seven major energy centers in the body.

کشور آلمان و سویس Iranian onyx jewel school faculty travel to Germany and Switzerland:

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Each year, a faculty of graduates for postgraduate courses in the field of gemology and jewelry traveling to Switzerland and Germany.
The institution of the top 10 students each year to tour Switzerland are German.

کشور آلمان و سویس Smallest Quran was unveiled on Algerian onyx:

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Al Jazeera: Smallest Quran engraved on onyx effort Iranian Hamed Ettehadi with science team members from Iran on the sidelines of a ceremony to start the week our craft was unveiled in Algeria.
Algiers1 According to the IRNA Monday, Tourism and Handicrafts Minister Mohammed bin Moradi, Iranian Ambassador to Algeria Mahmoud Mohammadi and crafts week at the periphery of the country, along with the Seventeenth International Handicrafts Exhibition in Algeria with participation of a number of ambassadors from Islamic countries, the cultural authorities of the two countries, smallest Quran was unveiled on Yemeni agate.Algiers2
This effect was present at the ceremony to welcome the dimensions of 16 mm all the verses of the Quran in its place. The Holy Quran Chapter 616 page page using nanotechnology on Yemeni agate originally written. The other side of Agate five millimeters in height and five appointed by the five members of Al cloak a step angle cutters (diamonds) is.
Algerian Minister of Tourism, Industry unveiling ceremony of the artwork, in addition to technical questions by digital telescope up to 600 times larger lines, you verses from the Quran. ( Read more ...)