Resellers of Agate
He has represented companies include:


The first and the best factory in the world witch was located in Idaroberstein , Germany whose cut gems since 1604
All the machines in the gem cutting like ball beedmashin ,cnc drilling mashin , bead machine …. Was manufactured in this factory.

Ultra Facet

The most accurate and most convenient and fastest machine in the world is the angle of the blades.
With an accuracy of a hundredth of a degree and a digital display that can be prepared with a variety of precious minerals that angle.
After two months of training students in the art can easily visit all the maps on the device facet Btrashnd.
All interested after diploma courses accredited by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the company will receive ultratec.

Diamond Pacific
Diamond Pacific

The best, the biggest and the most accurate gem cutting machine in Barstow in California, USA.
It has six wheels in different hardness charged by diamonds powder from the hard to soft from grinding to finest polishing.


Presidium factory oldest jewelry company that makes the most accurate tools for testing and identification.
This plant has been approved by the Institute of America GIA.
Mr. Hamed Ettehadi is the official representative of Presidium Inc. All devices sold signed and 1-year warranty.

Noticeable, all the friends and fans:

Mr. Hamed Ettehadi official representative of this company in the United Arabic Emirates, Yemen, and other Arabic countries and Iran.
Be sure to have a 7-year warranty and maintenance work on the main house by a valid representation of the devices you purchase. To see all the products of the plant and test refer to the corporate office.
Prices All prices listed above devices in the home plus the cost of the manufacturer is shipping to Dubai.