Resume Hamed Ettehadi

Mr.Hamed Ettehadi was born in Tehran in 1973, during his later academic achievement in the field of electrical engineering at the University attended. But his main interest was the lapidary and gem cutting, he always calls another path that eventually led the study abandon their trip to Yemen.
At age 23 he began his studies in Yemen and has 2 fully equipped workshop and professional cutting opal in this country and Yemen in the Islamic countries are the largest exporter of agate.
After gaining the necessary experiences in Yemen, he traveled to Germany and the German Institute for winter preparation in 6 String Jewelry Machinery specialized degree and the Master of International Iranian, teaching license in the world are from Germany.
They also have factory in Germany Winter Prince jewelery manufacturers in the world are as international master in the world are allowed to teach.
Mr.Ettehadi then went to the Swiss Gemological degree angle and masonry (Faceting) were studied and graduated with the degree of specialization of Jewelry Art Institutes International were allowed to teach.
Then start studying gemology institute academic Jewelry Institute of America (GIA) in Carlsbad, California, which had a 7-year period after 3/5 years and successfully completed the degree GG (Graduated Gemologist) (expert Jvahrshnasy) and GP (Graduated pearl) (expert pearl) and AJP (professional selling jewelry) with a perfect score and the same PHD student in the field is were.
He also Ultratech Inc. and Omni Faceting of America and Japan Imahashi that sets the angle of the blades is known as the master of the world are allowed to teach.
It is the only institution that students from Switzerland, Germany and America in the field of gemology and jewelry masonry degree gives.

He has represented companies include:

His current position:

  • Iranian agate gem CEO
  • Yemeni agate CEO (Alakv, Yemen)
  • Director of International Relations Roe Trading (Dubai) and GG Tools (USA)
  • Jewel Master masonry Iran University Of Industries & Mines
  • Gemology Association of America member AGTA the largest collection of Swiss jewelers America and Gemology Forum

His writings also include:

  • 40 hadith books in Arabic and Persian virtue Yemeni agate (agate grace Arbaeen Hdysa Fi Alymany)
  • Advanced Jewelry masonry of Persian
  • The Art of faceting
  • Modern gem cutting equipment to Know
  • Gemology in 10 Courses (method in Germany and America)
  • Yemeni agate book (20 years of experience, research and teaching)

Executive Summary of work:

  • Construction and design professional gemology
  • Professional Saw Cut Jewelry
  • All training and equipment jewelry cutting cutting volume
  • Full machine shop cutting gemstones
  • Professional digital angle cutting machine
  • Full system with variable speed polishing stones around 4000-0
  • Oval beads and marbles cutting machine (first time in Iran)
  • Making the world smallest Qur'an size of 16 mm on Yemeni agate

Activities carried out in Iran:

  • Teaching more than 1,000 students and trainees at various levels
  • Teaching at the University of Industries and Mines of Iran
  • Research and building the world's smallest Qur'an size 16 mm with HE Mr. Manouchehr Jannati Nia and Dr Jalal Salami (specialist Electronics America) and Mr. Hamed Ettehadi teacher preparation, professional association for the crystal layering nanotechnology.
  • For this project, spent more than 12 years and the first on crystal and agate Yemen for the first time in the world this category was Science. Alam network live in 30-minute program on the subject shown. That was the pride and honor of Islam and Arabic countries. Ornaments made of silver and gold and the crystal This is the Koran as the best jewelry exhibition in Dubai was chosen Arabic and English as a second TV interview aired it was done and detailed.
  • • And in 1390 the first day of Arbaeen Yemeni agate beads decorated gift of the Quran,Shrine of Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Imam Hussain .
  • Investigate the effect of crystals on the chakras and the aura photographed by EMI and energy balance of the inner and outer man by crystals

Current activities of the Institute:

  • Training courses lapidary, gem cutters, angular cutters
  • Sales tools and related devices gemology, gem cutters and angle cutters
  • Purchase and sale of precious and semiprecious stones, Rough and cut
  • Specializes in cutting services to a variety of semi-precious gemstones and methodically Europe and America
  • Undergraduate work to identify and semi-precious gemstones and pricing and issue valid certificates for their