Advanced training methods gemology, lapidary, learn how to identify and semi-precious gemstones.

Course Instructor: Mr. Hamed Ettehadi

  • Institute of America GIA gemology instructor
  • Master Faceting cutting angle of Switzerland
  • Winter German Institute for International Master gem cutters
  • Official representative of the institute creating jewelry (gem cutting) and gemology (lapidary) Free-Form in Switzerland

Faculty of Science Jewelry is very nice and efficient.To identify the types of precious and semi-precious minerals that art students can spend two months of gemology (Treasury Department) the standard is fully engulfed Switzerland and America's science and graduated from the prestigious University Institute of Applied Science and Free Form Switzerland to receive.

Gemology courses (Treasury Department):

Principles of gemology - colored stones - natural and artificial jewelery - Knowledge of principles diamond - diamond grading and evaluation during the course of a month.

Gemology courses (gem cutting):

gem cutting
Advanced training and specialized masonry gem (gem cutting), precious stones and semi-precious learning how to learn in the course of a month, art students can include a variety of CNC milling Yemeni agate, lathe bed, Damlh, Korea, turquoise and CNC Art, like hearts and flowers and leaves in tears and learn.The training set consisted of two courses of masonry volume Cabochon (Kabvchvn) and the duration of each period is one month.

Gemology courses (cutting angle):

Cutting angle cutting angle machine learning using the most accurate in the world
Art students from all over the three periods of a month will be able to easily cut the world plans to Facet.After graduating from the prestigious university as well as the Ministry of Science and Technology will be given to art students.